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  Where the black top ends and that old gravel road begins, that's where you find Asphalt Cowboy. A group of guys that got together in early 2010 in a small town police station. Beginning with their first live show they have won over fans with a stage show worthy of arenas, and a set list of favorites that cover many generations of country and rock music, as well as originals. With members that have traveled the country performing in many different bands and opening shows for major acts like, Andy Griggs, Emerson Drive, and The Charlie Daniels Band (to name a few of the most notable), Asphalt Cowboy has the experience that allows them to put on a spectacular show. Some have said if were to take a touch of Johnny Cash, add a pinch of Jason Aldean and a shot of Poison toss it in a blender and fire it up, what comes out sounds like Asphalt Cowboy. Oh yeah....... that police station thing we aint allowed to talk about that!!!!